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Free FLV Converter 4.4

Monday, April 14, 2008

Downloading videos from free streaming sites like Youtube and Metacafe has become very easy with many application that let you download them with one click, like Download Helper for example.

The problem with most of these applications is that they download the videos in their standard "flv" format. Most applications give you the choice to convert your videos but always with a cost. And some of them even add an annoying application name that displays on the video or let you convert only part of the video for free.

Some might say, what's wrong with FLV. Well nothing is wrong with it if you only intend to play the video. But when it comes to editing, adding effects or adding the video to a presentation or another applicatio, FLV is the worst video coding out there.

Free FLV Converter lets you convert all your FLV videos to various video types, Avi, Wmv, 3gp and Ipod, Iphone and PSP compatible videos with the codec of your choice.

The conversion is done smoothly and fast and you can convert them instantly as Free FLV Converter has a built in search and play engine that supports various FLV streaming sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Google and Yahoo Videos and many more. It allows users to download videos instantly from these sites and converts them as they download so the end user will get his video downloaded and ready by a click of a button.

Free FLV

The GUI is very basic, no complicated tools or buttons with weird names on them. You can either search for a video and then download it via the "Search Video" panel; or you can download a specific video by providing the url of the video and the application will take care of it. Note that only the supported sites works with Free FLV and there is a good list of the most famous ones, I would have loved to see Megavideo with them but hope springs eternal.

The developers did not forget about videos downloaded from other websites or user created videos, they have added a Conversion tool to convert files that are already located in your HDD. And it works with any video that has the ".flv" extension. You can use other applications to download videos but there is only one place to convert them.

Another tool is the Conversion to FLV tool, this converts videos to FLV and it supports an even wider range of video extensions that I've wished to be added to the Convert To FLV list, like the mighty MKV for example. Maybe they will add these in later releases.

Free FLV Converter is essential for those who have limited internet connetcions and for those who want to make a collection of Youtube videos on DVDs. Just download the file, install the application and enjoy a new video browsing experience.

Download Free FLV Converter from Here.



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