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Free FLV Converter 4.4

Monday, April 14, 2008

Downloading videos from free streaming sites like Youtube and Metacafe has become very easy with many application that let you download them with one click, like Download Helper for example.

The problem with most of these applications is that they download the videos in their standard "flv" format. Most applications give you the choice to convert your videos but always with a cost. And some of them even add an annoying application name that displays on the video or let you convert only part of the video for free.

Some might say, what's wrong with FLV. Well nothing is wrong with it if you only intend to play the video. But when it comes to editing, adding effects or adding the video to a presentation or another applicatio, FLV is the worst video coding out there.

Free FLV Converter lets you convert all your FLV videos to various video types, Avi, Wmv, 3gp and Ipod, Iphone and PSP compatible videos with the codec of your choice.

The conversion is done smoothly and fast and you can convert them instantly as Free FLV Converter has a built in search and play engine that supports various FLV streaming sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Google and Yahoo Videos and many more. It allows users to download videos instantly from these sites and converts them as they download so the end user will get his video downloaded and ready by a click of a button.

Free FLV

The GUI is very basic, no complicated tools or buttons with weird names on them. You can either search for a video and then download it via the "Search Video" panel; or you can download a specific video by providing the url of the video and the application will take care of it. Note that only the supported sites works with Free FLV and there is a good list of the most famous ones, I would have loved to see Megavideo with them but hope springs eternal.

The developers did not forget about videos downloaded from other websites or user created videos, they have added a Conversion tool to convert files that are already located in your HDD. And it works with any video that has the ".flv" extension. You can use other applications to download videos but there is only one place to convert them.

Another tool is the Conversion to FLV tool, this converts videos to FLV and it supports an even wider range of video extensions that I've wished to be added to the Convert To FLV list, like the mighty MKV for example. Maybe they will add these in later releases.

Free FLV Converter is essential for those who have limited internet connetcions and for those who want to make a collection of Youtube videos on DVDs. Just download the file, install the application and enjoy a new video browsing experience.

Download Free FLV Converter from Here.

Flock 1.1

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

As the world wide web grows bigger and bigger, internet browsers have become more essential wares than any other software on the planet. Every computer nowadays has an internet browser but most browsers that come with the OS are somewhat basic and doesn't really live up to the end user's needs.

Thats why internet browsers like Firefox became very popular, they have most of what the user needs and more over one can adjust the look and content of the browser by using add-ons.

Many companies have developed internet browsers, this made the browsers market very competitive in terms of design, compatibility and reliability. Today I bring you a very famous browser, some of you might not know it but this little application made it to the #1 on the web browsers most downloaded list on CNET in 2007 and just #9 on CNET's Best Downloads of 2007 list. This little software is called Flock and today I bring you the stable 1.1 version.

When first running the application some people will note the similarities between Flock and Firefox, that's because Flock is actually based on Firefox as the developers thought it would be useful to build thier browser using a successful open source application rather than coding a software from scratch. If you are a Firefox user you'll see that all the menus are similar to those in Firefox even the options window is the same. The only difference that one might notice is that the "Bookmarks" menu have been changed to an all IE compatible "Favorites", and when I say compatible I mean just the name, while all the bookmarks management is done using the Firefox bookmarks organizer. I guess this was done because most IE users gets confused at first when switching to Mozilla's powerful browser, they spend to much time trying to figure out how to add a web address to thier "Favorites" menu, believe me it happens and a lot.

The GUI is colorful thanks to the all new Flock Toolbar, and some other useful buttons like the feed subscriber and media streaming locater buttons that lets you easily manage your feeds while the latter one takes you directly to wherever there is a video playing on the site you're on.

flock GUI

Another useful tool is the Media Minibar, this gathers information from popular media sites, Flicker, Photobucket, Youtube and others. You can use this to see all the newly uploaded videos and pictures on these sites and lets you access them with ease eliminating the agony of browsing and searching through infinite databases.

Bloggers can also enjoy the additional tool that's called The Blog Editor, this little add-on will let you manage your blog posts whether you are using Blogger, Myspace, Wordpress or another blogging host. It comes with a good selection of blog hosts but sadly if your host isn't there you can't add it. But it lists some of the most used blogging hosts out there.

When it comes to browsing, Flock is just similar to Firefox. Obviously the developers didn't change a bit about how the software handles web pages, it's all the same nothing has been added to the browsing experience and nothing has been removed. This might be one of the downsides of Flock as it handles web pages just the same as Firefox, even the download manager is kept the same. One might expect that since they kept all the options and menus the same.

I have used Flock for 3 days now and unfortunately it has crashed more than once. Of course when it comes to softwares, first impressions don't count and Flock is no exception. When I first started Flock I didn't notice the similarities between it and Firefox, well not at first as I was stunned by the way the application looked. But all this fascination was blown away because Flock crashed just after 10 minutes.

This is what happened on my first day with Flock.

I wasn't going to let this stand in my way so I started it once again. This time I thought instead of browsing let's check the features that this tool has. At first I started with the Blog Editor. To tell you the truth it looked nice and I thought that it would be useful to write my posts there but something felt just wrong, I didn't know what it is at first but I sensed something missing. After writing a post there I decided to align my text and BAAAM!!! no text alignment buttons, well nothing is perfect I guess. So I just used my HTML skills and aligned the text. No big deal.

Next I started playing videos using the Media bar, now that is something useful to some but to me it was a disaster. See I have a limitation on daily internet usage and since I live with my family we have like 5 computers and 500 MBs of DL/UL limit per day, that makes it a mean 100 MBs per user and when it comes to videos this limit is just too small. When I started the Media bar it just looked good and it was luring my to play those videos I don't know why but I guess it's something to do with all the fade-in and out effects that are used to display the cliparts of the videos.

Flock is a good addition to your applications list, it has some good features but sadly it doesn't stand out. If you are a Firefox user, you don't need to switch to Flock as everything feels and looks the same. No experience is gained from Flock because even the features that it provides, one can find them as add-ons for Firefox. For example, one might use Deepest Sender, which I'm using to write this post, on Firefox and it works just the same if not even better than Flock's Blog Editor, and it even has alignment buttons. Nearly all of Mozilla's Firefox add-ons works on Flock, so if you're planning on switching you can do so with ease.

Flock 1.1 can be downloaded from Here.

File Scavenger 3.2

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Deleting files has become easier and easier. In the old days when computers worked on text OS's like DOS, deleting files was a weary job. It required typing long strings and knowing the full path of the file and files used to be deleted one at a time.

Yes it was some annoying job to delete files but now it's all easy with all the multiple file selection, dragging and dropping on the recycle bin and of course the permanent Shift-Delete that takes those unwanted files and throw them out of your site for good.

Yes its all good, but we've all deleted files permanently and after a couple of days we wished for a time machine to go back and undo the damage. I know we all have done such things and we all thought that our deleted files have gone and there was no chance of getting them back.

Maybe not, today I introduce to you a great piece of software called File Scavenger.

File Scavenger is a very small application that searches your computer for missing files. Well thats the basic function and it works similar to the Windows search tool.
But thats not what File Scavenger is about. This little wizard will search your computer for every file there is and/or was on your computer. It will fetch all those files that you thought they are long gone and there was no chance of getting them back.

File Scavenger

The GUI is pretty basic, you just type in your file name and even if you don't remember the full name of your missing file you can use the same method when searching with Windows search tool. Just add an (*) at the beginning and/or end of your query and the application will search for all files that share the same letters you've specified. Then all you need to do is specify the partition your file was in, and even if you don't remember that, File Scavenger allows you to search your whole HDD.

After setting your parameters you'll have to choose between two options "Quick" and "Long". The Quick option is the basic search option that looks for files that are present, where the Long option lets you search for deleted files. Then all you have to do is click the Start button, not the one on your task bar of course :p, and File Scavenger will find your files for you.

The searching process takes a really long time, and it depends on the size of your HDD. So you might conceder starting your search just before you go to bed and leave it running over night.

File Scavenger is great, so far it has recovered so many files for me and it gets the job done brilliantly every time. Even if you have formated a partition File Scavenger will get you your files back, believe me I've tried it like a dozen times already. Maybe the only flow is that it takes a really long time to process your search, or maybe it's just because I have to many files present and deleted, I don't really know.

You can download File Scavenger v3.2 from Here.

You'll need an unpacking tool to extract the archive, you can get 7-Zip for Free Here.

*As this file is uploaded by Warez for Free, you can request another link if the Download link is broken. You can do so be either request the link by commenting on the article or by contacting Warez for Free using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

Firefox 3 beta 4

Sunday, March 30, 2008


firefox ribbon

Today I have tested the all new Firefox 3 browser. It is still in beta version but as I can see the full official release will come out soon and real soon.

The Gui is almost the same except for the new icons in the navigation toolbar. Some extra features has been added to the search bar, now Wikipedia, IMDB and BBC News are integrated. Another great add-on to accessibility is the integrated bookmark icon at the right side of the url bar, with only one click you can add the page to your bookmarks aka Favorites for those still using IE, wake up guys. Back to the bookmarks feature, just click the star icon next to you url and a pop up will appear to easily manage you bookmark.

firefox main
The New Welcome Page is awesome!!.

Another good upgrade is the url history feature, now you don't just see the page url when you type the first few letters, you get the page title as well, this is a great feature as it gives the user an easy and faster way to access his favorite pages instead of browsing through all the same site urls to find the ONE.

Because its still a beta, most of your previous add-ons wont work with Firefox 3. For me only Yahoo Toolbar, Grease Monkey, Download Helper and Download Status Bar worked. The other twenty add-ons I have didn't, including the Google Toolbar. I guess new add-on versions should be developed and maybe they are being upgraded now.

Here is a List of some of the issues that Mozilla acknowledges:

  • Windows Live Mail will not work; users must use Hotmail Classic Mail.

  • GMail (new version) conversation labels appear on their own row in the
    message list, and names don't show in the contacts manager.

  • The "Report Web Forgery" menu item doesn't work.

  • Firefox will not ask users if they wish to change a stored password.

  • MathML does not render properly in Firefox 3 Beta 4.

  • The new Location Bar, Add Bookmark dialog, and Download Manager information popup
    behave inconsistently with Window-Eyes. JAWS 8.0 or better is recommended
    for this beta.

  • Web feeds served as text/html won't load properly.

  • After installing some add-ons, the "Restart" button will not appear.

  • Some add-ons that depend on deprecated code may not install properly.

  • Privacy > History > Remember visited pages to "0" has no effect.

  • The DOM Inspector has been removed.

  • Firefox 3 looks almost the same as the previous versions yet it somewhat feels faster, maybe its just me or just my retarded internet service finally worked properly. Mozilla said that the new Firefox has some extra features that prevents pop-ups and spyware, I haven't seen any of these yet coz a window just popped-up as I was browsing my usual everyday sites, and I'm not really sure about the Spyware thingy.

    All in all, Firefox is great. Whether its version 1, 2 or even a 3 beta, its fast, easy, and the unlimited amount of add-ons that one might install is just well unlimited. Its like everyday there is a new add-on in the Mozilla database and they are all great, yet add-ons means memory and lots of memory usage means a slower PC/Mac so always use the add-ons that you actually need.

    Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 4 can be downloaded Here.
    Mozilla Firefox 2 Final can be downloaded Here.

    *Check the Mozilla Add-on Database Here.


    7-Zip is an open source compression tool that lets you compress your files quickly and efficiently with the all new .7z extension. This application will go to extremes in order to compress your files yet it comes short when it comes to types.

    7-Zip lets you compress your files in 7z, zip, tar, Bzip2 and Gzip. This sounds nice but an addition to the mighty RAR archive is still required, 7-zip lets you extract rar archives but it fails when it comes to saving. It also support other extensions CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, MSI, WIM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS, yet it only unpack those and does not give you the privilege of saving your files in those famous formats.


    As shown the GUI is quite simple to work with, actually there is nothing you might need from it if your a basic extractor. The menu integrated function has most of the features that 7-zip provides from packing to unpacking and a somewhat useless test archive function.

    When it comes to simplicity, 7-zip is very simple, and one might even say very primitive. But its an open source application so one might expect it to be very basic. Well it gets the job done so one mustn't whine when everything works smooth and fast.

    7-zip is free to download and it has almost all the functions that a file compressing tool should have, yet the format support is a fork in the ass. Well they intrduced a new format to the market but is that what we need?!.

    Download 7-zip from Here.


    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Torrents are everywhere, and no one can fight piracy anymore. Yes we've heard of companies being sued by others for illegal distribution of their products and yes many have won and others have shutdown their services but when an illegal distributer falls another 10 will rise and life goes on. A time will come when all this madness is over but this is not gonna happen anytime soon. Maybe in a distant galaxy far far away....

    Today I give you the latest BitComet release and the first stable, non-beta version BitComet1 is here. I've been using BitComet for almost two years now and I haven't whined a bit even though I was using the beta versions. Yes BitComet is one of the best Torrent clients out their. Yes it might not have all the features that uTorrent, Azureus and BitTornado have but it gets the job done easily and without any complications.

    BitComet is a wonderful piece of software, it's light on both memory and HDD and has some pretty good tools to work with. The built-in browser is one of these, another feature is the streaming tool when downloading movies, it lets you watch them but only if you have a high speed connection otherwise it wont work.

    When it comes to options BitComet probably has the smallest options menu and list compared to other torrent clients, and thats a good sign. See, too many options means a lot of time wasted for nothing for both the end users and the developers. I mean who cares about changing options if the application is working fine. With BitComet you can increase and decrease your UP/DN rate limits but I always enjoy sucking the internet dry and it lets me work with unlimited rates.


    BitComet might be heavy when it comes to DN/UP usage, when you've started a download just forget you have an internet connection since BitComet will suck every bit of it for your pleasure. This will also affect all those poor people who are connected to you through a network, I guess my family is whining right now coz I've just started a task :p.

    When it comes to simplicity and functionality look no further than BitComet, its slick, neat, light and has all the features that a leecher needs. Unfortunately if you are a distributer BitComet might not fit your aspirations as it is almost designed to satisfy all leechers needs and no distributes goals.

    Edit: Just after a day of using BitComet 1.0 I've discovered a bunch of new fantastic features. BitComet is not a torrent client anymore, its an all purpose download manager. Just right click any download link on any web site and voala, BitComet will take care of it. Another feature which is amazing and surprising is the update checker, this checks all applications installed on your machine and then shows you a list of all updates available and lets you manage which one to download and the checking is done quietly in the background without any interruptions just a small pop-up box that shows at the bottom of the screen that you can easily ignore and/or close. I haven't tested the download feature on file sharing sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload but I will :D.

    BitComet can be downloaded Here.

    ** If you are looking for a good torrents site check this.

    Revo Uninstaller

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Revo Uninstaller is the ultimate replacement for Windows "Add/Remove Programs" tool. Its main function is similar yet its features are enormous. Revo lets you uninstall any application removing it and any unwanted leftovers. This is simply because Revo tracks all installed objects with all their files.

    Revo is not for beginners, or people that think that its some sort of a game, thus be advised not to use it if your computer knowledge is similar to that of a chimp. Revo will uninstall everything, of course it will ask for your permission but after uninstalling the program it will show you all the services, threads and leftover files that remain after removing the application. You have to be really cautious of the selections you make otherwise you'll end up with a retarded windows.

    Another great feature is Hunting Mode, this shows a cross-hair on your screen that you can drag by mouse. This lets you check what file is associated with what program. This feature lets you delete all unwanted applications that may or may not show in the list, and even those that show up in a different name.

    Revo comes with a bunch of tools like Autorun Manager, this shows you the startup applications and lets you disable the unwanted ones, its not as powerful as WinPatrol but for most users it gets the job done, you can consider this a shortcut to "msconfig".


    Another tool is Junk Cleaner, this is similar to Disk Cleanup as it removes all temporary files, butI advise you to stick to disk cleanup as Junk Cleaner shows all files in a list and you have to select all the unwanted files which is both time consuming and ridiculous as we all know after 5 minutes of internet browsing your temporary internet files will increase tenfold.

    All in all Revo is a great tool for those who have problems with Windows "Add/Remove Programs" tool and especially for geeks. Yes it has some powerful features yet its weak in its execution as no details and/or help is provided when uninstalling an application, but to be honest this isn't a tool for beginners.

    Revo Uninstaller can be downloaded Here.


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