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Revo Uninstaller

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Revo Uninstaller is the ultimate replacement for Windows "Add/Remove Programs" tool. Its main function is similar yet its features are enormous. Revo lets you uninstall any application removing it and any unwanted leftovers. This is simply because Revo tracks all installed objects with all their files.

Revo is not for beginners, or people that think that its some sort of a game, thus be advised not to use it if your computer knowledge is similar to that of a chimp. Revo will uninstall everything, of course it will ask for your permission but after uninstalling the program it will show you all the services, threads and leftover files that remain after removing the application. You have to be really cautious of the selections you make otherwise you'll end up with a retarded windows.

Another great feature is Hunting Mode, this shows a cross-hair on your screen that you can drag by mouse. This lets you check what file is associated with what program. This feature lets you delete all unwanted applications that may or may not show in the list, and even those that show up in a different name.

Revo comes with a bunch of tools like Autorun Manager, this shows you the startup applications and lets you disable the unwanted ones, its not as powerful as WinPatrol but for most users it gets the job done, you can consider this a shortcut to "msconfig".


Another tool is Junk Cleaner, this is similar to Disk Cleanup as it removes all temporary files, butI advise you to stick to disk cleanup as Junk Cleaner shows all files in a list and you have to select all the unwanted files which is both time consuming and ridiculous as we all know after 5 minutes of internet browsing your temporary internet files will increase tenfold.

All in all Revo is a great tool for those who have problems with Windows "Add/Remove Programs" tool and especially for geeks. Yes it has some powerful features yet its weak in its execution as no details and/or help is provided when uninstalling an application, but to be honest this isn't a tool for beginners.

Revo Uninstaller can be downloaded Here.



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