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Firefox 3 beta 4

Sunday, March 30, 2008


firefox ribbon

Today I have tested the all new Firefox 3 browser. It is still in beta version but as I can see the full official release will come out soon and real soon.

The Gui is almost the same except for the new icons in the navigation toolbar. Some extra features has been added to the search bar, now Wikipedia, IMDB and BBC News are integrated. Another great add-on to accessibility is the integrated bookmark icon at the right side of the url bar, with only one click you can add the page to your bookmarks aka Favorites for those still using IE, wake up guys. Back to the bookmarks feature, just click the star icon next to you url and a pop up will appear to easily manage you bookmark.

firefox main
The New Welcome Page is awesome!!.

Another good upgrade is the url history feature, now you don't just see the page url when you type the first few letters, you get the page title as well, this is a great feature as it gives the user an easy and faster way to access his favorite pages instead of browsing through all the same site urls to find the ONE.

Because its still a beta, most of your previous add-ons wont work with Firefox 3. For me only Yahoo Toolbar, Grease Monkey, Download Helper and Download Status Bar worked. The other twenty add-ons I have didn't, including the Google Toolbar. I guess new add-on versions should be developed and maybe they are being upgraded now.

Here is a List of some of the issues that Mozilla acknowledges:

  • Windows Live Mail will not work; users must use Hotmail Classic Mail.

  • GMail (new version) conversation labels appear on their own row in the
    message list, and names don't show in the contacts manager.

  • The "Report Web Forgery" menu item doesn't work.

  • Firefox will not ask users if they wish to change a stored password.

  • MathML does not render properly in Firefox 3 Beta 4.

  • The new Location Bar, Add Bookmark dialog, and Download Manager information popup
    behave inconsistently with Window-Eyes. JAWS 8.0 or better is recommended
    for this beta.

  • Web feeds served as text/html won't load properly.

  • After installing some add-ons, the "Restart" button will not appear.

  • Some add-ons that depend on deprecated code may not install properly.

  • Privacy > History > Remember visited pages to "0" has no effect.

  • The DOM Inspector has been removed.

  • Firefox 3 looks almost the same as the previous versions yet it somewhat feels faster, maybe its just me or just my retarded internet service finally worked properly. Mozilla said that the new Firefox has some extra features that prevents pop-ups and spyware, I haven't seen any of these yet coz a window just popped-up as I was browsing my usual everyday sites, and I'm not really sure about the Spyware thingy.

    All in all, Firefox is great. Whether its version 1, 2 or even a 3 beta, its fast, easy, and the unlimited amount of add-ons that one might install is just well unlimited. Its like everyday there is a new add-on in the Mozilla database and they are all great, yet add-ons means memory and lots of memory usage means a slower PC/Mac so always use the add-ons that you actually need.

    Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 4 can be downloaded Here.
    Mozilla Firefox 2 Final can be downloaded Here.

    *Check the Mozilla Add-on Database Here.



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